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Glen Eagle Men’s Association

(Format & Rules)

  1. We will be using the UGA Handicap (GHIN) again this year and will post your association scores after each round.
    a. Members will be required to become a member of the UGA before being
    eligible to play in the Glen Eagle Men’s Association.
  2. Player must become a member of the Glen Eagle Men’s Association
    a. Membership $30.00 for a single division, either Men’s or Seniors
    b. Men’s and Senior Divisions $40.00, if you play both.
  3. The cost to play weekly will be, Green Fees plus $10.00 each week. The $10.00 includes play of the day, skins, and POINTS CHALLENGE/EAGLE CUP. There
    will be an optional $3 fee to be entered into the Ed Kenley Powerball. For those that like to play 18 holes, we will hold an opposite 9 game that will always be
    Low Gross/Net and a fee of $7 all to be paid out to the game. Points will be earned for the regular play of the day and the opposite 9 game.
  4. All players are required to play with one other Glen Eagle Men’s Association Member that is playing in the same competition.
  5. The schedule for play each week is available in the golf shop and is subject to modification. (Formats may change to keep the games interesting), weekend
    tournament and game schedule on back.
  6. Tee assignments: Please make sure the Proshop knows what tees you will be playing before play! Mark your tee assignment on your scorecard please.

    Men’s Association– Blue Tees, (Exception): age + index = 80 or greater may play
    White Tees. Men may choose to play the Black Tees if they wish with the
    handicap increase.

    *Senior Men’s Association – White Tees, (Exception): age + index = 82 or greater
    may play Combo Tees, over age 70 and over with an index of 10 or greater may
    play the Gold Tees *New Senior League adjustment= age + index below 58
    plays Blue Tees.

    Please note: Choosing to play a different set of tees if allowed will change your handicap. Check with the proshop to determine if you want to play a different set of tees
    Flights will vary depending upon participation and handicap ranges. ( 9 hole Handicaps) General Guideline below
    a. A-Flight 0-3
    b. B-Flight 3.1-6.0
    c. C-Flight 6.1-up
  7. POINTS CHALLENGE QUALIFIERS will be paid in pro shop merchandise at the end of the year.
    a. 5 Points will be awarded for playing weekly and also according to the place you finish in flight.
  8. The Glen Eagle Pro Shop personnel will be responsible for posting men’s league scores each week in the GHIN system


USGA Rules of golf apply to association rounds. Everything must be putt out and the course must be played as marked. If a ball travels past a Penalty Area (Red Stake) and into personal property, that ball must be declared Out of Bounds and you must proceed with out of bounds rule. You must be certain your ball is in a Penalty Area to take appropriate relief. There is no relief for bad lies unless the area is clearly marked as ground under repair.

Association Events

  • Match Play Championship, Season Long Event (registration by 5/20/2021
  • March 20th, Saturday-Senior and Regular Opener, 6,6,&6, 9:00am Shotgun
  • May 13th, Thursday- Demo Day- Come test out clubs from top vendors
  • June 11th, Friday- One Man Scramble and Putting Championship 1:30 SG
  • July 2nd, Friday- 4 Man Hickory Golf Scramble 2:00 SG
  • July 23-24, Men’s Club Championship (23rd
    – 2:00pm SG, 24th – 8:00am SG)
  • August 27-28, Senior Club Championship (27th
    – 3:30 Derby/ Dinner, 28th 8:00 SG)
  • September 25th, 18 Hole, Senior and Men’s Closer
  • October 16th, Saturday- Glen Eagle “Eagle Cup”

UGA Tournaments

  • March 5th, Friday- Glen Eagle 3-Man Scramble 10:00 SG
  • April 2nd, Friday- Glen Eagle 2-Man BB/SCR/ALT SHOT, 8:00 SG
  • May 14th, Friday- Glen Eagle Amateur, TT’s
  • May 22nd, Saturday- Glen Eagle/Ed Kenley 2-Man Scramble, 8:00 SG
  • June 28th, Monday- Utah State Am Qualifier, TT’s
  • July 3rd, UGA 2 Man Hickory Scramble, 8:00 SG
  • July 16th, Youth on Course Fundraiser Scramble, TT’s all day
  • September 10th, Friday- Glen Eagle Modified 4-Man Scramble, 8:00 SG
  • October 22nd, Friday- Lochness “Monster” 10:00 SG