Course Tour

Hole 1

McBride’s March

Par 4

Hole #1 is a fairly straight par 4 that can help you begin your round at Glen Eagle off on the right foot. By not playing too aggressive off the tee, you will find there is a generous landing area between 200 yards & 150 yards to the pin. With out of bounds to the left and water to the right that may be the smartest play. There is not much risk/reward with being aggressive on this hole as the green offers a simple putt sloping from back to front. Keep in mind not to play too much break on your putt.

Black 395
Blue 386
White 335
Gold 295
Red 245
Men’s Handicap 16
Women’s Handicap 12

Hole 2

St. William’s Walk

Par 3

Hole #2 tests your accuracy along with your distance control. There is a bail out area short and left of the green just in case the hole looks to daunting. With three bunkers guarding the front and back of the green be sure to make a confident swing to ensure a solid strike. The green mounds in the middle so be aware of where the flagstick is so you don’t leave yourself with a tricky 2-putt.

Black 190
Blue 160
White 150
Gold 115
Red 85
Men’s Handicap 12
Women’s Handicap 18


Hole 3

The Land of Eden

Par 5

Hole #3 offers a great opportunity to gain some strokes on the course. In order to score well on this hole it begins with a well placed tee shot. There are hazards running down both sides of this par 5, but keep in mind there is a decently wide landing spot. The key to this hole is being cautiously aggressive, there is a high risk/reward with going for it in two, but if you can pull it off you will have a great look at making at least a birdie.

Black 520
Blue 500
White 445
Gold 430
Red 385
Men’s Handicap 6
Women’s Handicap 8


Hole 4

Firth’s Landing

Par 4

Hole #4 is one of the more difficult holes on the course. With out-of-bounds to the left and a water hazard that runs down the right, this hole is forcing you to drive a ball fairly straight. The fairway itself is pretty wide so you don’t have to be deadly accurate, but don’t stray to far from the fairway. Get through this hole with a par and your work is done, get a birdie or better your most likely going to be up on the field.

Black 460
Blue 420
White 410
Gold 375
Red 345
Men’s Handicap 2
Women’s Handicap 4

Hole 5

Heather’s Bloom

Par 4

Hole #5 is a short par 4 that begs you to pull your driver out and rip one down to see how close you can get to the green. The smart play is to hit a hybrid or a fairway wood and put yourself out about 100 yards so you have a full swing to a slightly elevated tee. The sand bunker directly in front of the green will snatch your ball if your short on your approach. Play this hole right and you’ll be looking at a great opportunity for a birdie.

Black 375
Blue 350
White 340
Gold 295
Red 240
Men’s Handicap 18
Women’s Handicap 14

Hole 6

Links Land

Par 5

Hole #6 is one of the more challenging par 5’s on the course. It would be wise to determine your club selection by playing the hole, in your mind, from the green to the tee. There is a hazard that runs out into the fairway that will come into play from all the tee boxes. If you decide to go with a driver, you are going to either have to fly the hazard or thread it down the skinny part of the fairway running to the right of the hazard. There is a high risk/reward for this hole and playing aggressive can put you in great position for your second shot, just don’t miss your tee shot or you’ll most likely end up in a hazard.

Black 550
Blue 510
White 490
Gold 440
Red 380
Men’s Handicap 4
Women’s Handicap 2


Hole 7

The Highlands

Par 3

Hole #7 is a lengthy par 3 that will test your skill. You’ll find that most days the wind will be straight at you, so you may need to take an extra club length to get it to the hole. A good score on this hole is par, so aim for the middle of the green take your two putt and move onto number #8.

Black 220
Blue 200
White 165
Gold 130
Red 100
Men’s Handicap 14
Women’s Handicap 16

Hole 8

Futball Field

Par 4

Hole #8 setups up really well if you naturally hit your ball right to left. With out-of-bounds and a hazard running down the right side, the smart play is to miss it left. Be aware of the two fairway bunkers that come into play off the tee. For your approach shot, try not to go pin seeking, aim for the middle of the green, take your two putt and move on to the next hole.

Black 410
Blue 375
White 360
Gold 335
Red 290
Men’s Handicap 8
Women’s Handicap 10

Hole 9

Player’s Glen

Par 4

Hole #9 offers a generous landing area off the tee, but make sure you make solid contact as it is a fairly long par 4. On you approach shot go ahead a try and play for the pin, but bare in mind there are three bunkers that protect the green on both sides.

Black 435
Blue 405
White 400
Gold 365
Red 350
Men’s Handicap 10
Women’s Handicap 6


Hole 10


Par 4

Hole #10 is a fairly easy par four with a generous landing area from any of the tee boxes. The driving range runs down the left side of the hole and IS out-of-bounds so be sure to stay right. Play to the center of the green to ensure you don’t come up short and end up in either of the bunkers or the lake.

Black 420
Blue 415
White 365
Gold 345
Red 315
Men’s Handicap 13
Women’s Handicap 5

Hole 11

The Curlen

Par 5

Hole #11 is a dog leg to the right, with houses and out-of-bounds running down the right side of the hole and rolling hills running down the left. There is a fairly generous landing area from the tee so anything down the middle with some movement either way should be just fine. Go ahead and go for it in two if you have the length because there isn’t too much trouble up around the green. If the pin is on the right side be sure not to short side yourself as that is a difficult pin. This hole offers a pretty decent chance at making a birdie.

Black 545
Blue 525
White 475
Gold 435
Red 390
Men’s Handicap 9
Women’s Handicap 3

Hole 12


Par 4

Hole #12 demands one of the hardest tee shots of all the par 4’s on the course. With water running down the entire left side of the hole and out-of-bounds running down the right side of the hole, you will need to be pretty precise to hit the fairway. The green is guarded by two front bunkers so you will not want to leave your approach shot short. The green is a pear shape and the safe play is to hit the middle of the green to leave yourself with a decent shot at getting home with two-putts.

Black 445
Blue 400
White 360
Gold 315
Red 290
Men’s Handicap 3
Women’s Handicap 9

Hole 13


Par 3

Hole #13 is a picturesque par 3 that isn’t too demanding from the tee. The green is fairly large and doesn’t have too much movement. This would be a hole that you will want to take dead aim at the flag and try and put yourself in a position to make a birdie. Be aware that if you go long and right you will end up in the bunker which will leave for a delicate sand shot, which could end up in the water.

Black 180
Blue 160
White 130
Gold 120
Red 85
Men’s Handicap 15
Women’s Handicap 15

Hole 14

The Niblick

Not the longest par 4 on the course so find the fairway here and you will have an opportunity to fire at any pin on the green. Out of Bounds on the right and hazard on the left the entire length of the hole can bring a big number into play but there is a good sized fairway to hit. Everything slopes from the back to front on this green so play to the number and give yourself a good look at a 3.

Par 4

Black 365
Blue 340
White 320
Gold 285
Red 275
Men’s Handicap 17
Women’s Handicap 11

Hole 15

Paddies Laire

Par 3

Hole #15 is a great par 3 with a great view of the Wasatch Front Mountains. You will tee from across a waste area so be sure to carry the ball far enough so you don’t come up short in the tall grass. There is a fairly large bail out area to the left and short right. If the pin is located on the back right side, don’t get suckered into going for it, because if you miss it right at all you will have a difficult chip to get up and down to save par.

Black 200
Blue 190
White 180
Gold 170
Red 65
Men’s Handicap 11
Women’s Handicap 17

Hole 16

The Royal

Par 4

Hole #16 is a challenging little par 4 that will test mostly from the tee. From any of the Men’s tees (White, blue and black) you will get lined up to hit it down the left side. Don’t get fooled by this because anything left will end up in the water hazard that runs down the entire left side of the hole. Play to the 150 marker and you will be in good position for your approach shot.

Black 425
Blue 395
White 380
Gold 300
Red 260
Men’s Handicap 5
Women’s Handicap 13

Hole 17

Stone Haven

Par 4

Hole #17 is a tricky par 4 that makes you consider your options off the tee. There is a water hazard that runs out into the middle of the fairway about 50-60 yards short of the green and it requires a well struck tee shot to fly the hazard. The smart play is to take your 200 yard club and place your tee shot into the middle of the fairway. There are water hazards that run down both sides of the fairway so you need to make a confident swing to ensure you make good contact. Once on the green you will have some break on the east side of the green but for the most part the green won’t have too much movement on you.

Black 370
Blue 360
White 320
Gold 305
Red 265
Men’s Handicap 7
Women’s Handicap 7

Hole 18

Loch Ness Monster

Par 5

Welcome to the Loch Ness Monster! The hardest hole on the golf course. This a great test of skill and you may end up loosing some balls if you aren’t careful. From the tee shot aim at the east corner of the club house, this will position you almost exactly in the middle of the green or just on the right side. Unless you hit all of your drive this will be a three-shot hole to get to the green. If you opt to lay up, you will want to just play to the 100 yard marker. If you decide to go for it in two, then be aware that the green is surround by several bunkers and you are going to have to hit it around them. The green itself won’t cause you too many fits, but getting there may give you stories to talk about for years to come.

Black 560
Blue 530
White 490
Gold 475
Red 440
Men’s Handicap 1
Women’s Handicap 1