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Glen Eagle Ladies Association

(Format & Rules)

1. UGA Handicap (GHIN)

We will be using the UGA Handicap (GHIN) again this year and will post your association scores after each round.

  • Members will be required to become a member of the UGA before being eligible to play in the Glen Eagle Ladies Association.

2. Glen Eagle Ladies Association Membership

Player must become a member of the Glen Eagle Ladies Association.

  • Membership $30.00 association dues

3. Weekly Playing Cost

The cost to play weekly will be Green Fees plus $5 tournament buy in for each 9 played.

4. Player Requirements

All players are required to play with at least one other Glen Eagle Ladies Association Member that is playing in the same competition.

5. Tee Assignments

Everyone will play from the Red Tees

6. Flights

Flights will vary depending upon participation and handicap ranges. (9 hole Handicaps)

7. Score Posting

The Glen Eagle Pro Shop personnel will be responsible for posting men’s league scores each week in the GHIN system.

8. Schedule

**NEW** You may play any day between Monday and Thursday as long as you are playing with at least one other person playing the same competition.


USGA Rules of golf apply to association rounds. Everything must be putt out and the course must be played as marked. If a ball travels past a Penalty Area (Red Stake) and into personal property, that ball must be declared Out of Bounds and you must proceed with out of bounds rule. You must be certain your ball is in a Penalty Area to take appropriate relief. There is no relief for bad lies unless the area is clearly marked as ground under repair.

Etiquette- All players must respect the players they are playing with. Please remember to refrain from making noise while others are preparing to and/or making a stroke. Do not stand directly behind a player making a stroke and exercise general consideration for your playing partners.